Friday, January 18, 2013

New Years

A couple days after Christmas a good friend from PA texted me and asked if she and her family could come celebrate the New Years with us.  I literally jumped for joy.  We adore the Rustin's. They stayed for a few days and we had a great time hanging out with them

Gina is a fabulous mom.  She is extremely patient and so soft spoken.  I love this picture of the kids cuddled up with her.

 She is a yoga instructor and taught my kids a cute little song that involves yoga poses.  A few weeks later I was doing yoga and Eliza saw me.  She immediately started doing the poses that Gina taught her.

We gave the kids sparklers to celebrate the new year.  Poor Teagan burned her finger on the first sparkler and refused to touch another one.   Thanks Pinterest for the failed attempt at putting a cup over the sparkler to avoid burns.

 We played a youtube video of the ball dropping last year so the kids could count down and celebrate and still go to bed at a decent hour.  They counted down then just stared at the TV.  They didn't understand the concept of celebrating when they got to 1.  They played with little poppers then we played the countdown again.  This time they understood and had a cute little celebration

 Cordon had his first experience with carbonation.  Of course we had to video tape the reaction.  He said it was spicy on his tongue and didn't want anymore.  Eliza also had her first taste of a carbonated drink but we forgot to film her.  She got all squinty eyed but loved it. 

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